Six Degrees Of Bill Murray’s Birthday.

Posted: September 21, 2010 in Bill Murray, Movies, Music, Observations, Tributes

What does that title mean?  Well, everyone knows that Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon game, right?  Pretty played-out, I know.  But let’s kick it up to a whole new layer of atmosphere:   Let’s apply it to the calendar.  Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon is oriented around the idea that you can somehow connect anyone in movies to Kevin Bacon within six names.  What I’m suggesting is, you can connect anyone in entertainment to someone who was born on today’s date, September 21st.

So first of all:  Happy birthday, Bill Murray.

As one of the East Coast’s leading Bill Murray scholars, I guarantee you I could house anyone in the Six Degrees game.  After all, Bill Murray appeared with Kevin Bacon in Wild Things (a movie that is somehow way more famous for other reasons).  Right there, I’ll take you down in one step.

But that’s besides the point.  The point I’m making is that today, September 21st, is the Kevin Bacon center of a much wider universe of degrees.  Bill Murray is just the crest of a wave of entertainers who celebrate birthdays on this calendar date.  Here’s a probably-incomplete list of some of the other notables who were born on this day in history (National Kevin Bacon Day?):

Stephen King.  Arguably the most popular, successful, and influential novelist of the last fifty years.  Not a great actor though.  (See Creepshow.)

H.G. Wells.  Pioneering sci-fi writer, one of the most-adapted-to-film authors ever.  As in:  War Of The WorldsThe Time MachineThe Island Of Dr. MoreauThe Invisible Man.

Chuck Jones.  Invented Wile E. Coyote and The Road Runner.  Arguably the greatest of all the Warner Brothers animation directors, and far and away my favorite.  Get thee to YouTube!

Leonard Cohen.  Singer and poet.  His song “Hallelujah” is one of the most overused-in-movies and frequently-covered songs ever written.

Ethan Coen.  With his brother Joel, one-half of one of the greatest filmmaking partnerships in history.  Read my reviews of Raising Arizona, The Big Lebowski, Burn After ReadingA Serious Man, and True Grit!

Luke WilsonRead my Middle Men review!

Henry Gibson.  Wonderful character actor who recently passed away, sadly.  See him in The Blues Brothers, Magnolia, and The ‘Burbs, to name just a few.

Caleb Deschanel.  Distinguished cinematographer and father of Zooey and Gummo.

Jerry Bruckheimer.  Unbelievably successful producer of some of the most unbelievably popular movies ever, and unforgivable enabler of Michael Bay.

Maggie Grace.  She was on Lost, and she was the reason why Liam Neeson went apeshit in Taken.

Larry Hagman.  You know him from Dallas, but I love him for Mother, Jugs, And Speed.

Liam Gallagher.  Mastermind behind the controversial rock group Oasis.  Generally more fun in interviews though.

Joseph Mazzello.  Former child actor (The Social Network) who won our hearts in the electrified fence scene in Jurassic Park.

Cheryl Hines.  Most famous for playing Larry David’s wife in Curb Your Enthusiasm.

Alfonso Ribeiro.  Forever Carlton Banks.

Dave Coulier.  Forever Uncle Joey.

Nick Castle.  A man with all kinds of film credits, but he won America’s heart as the man behind the mask in Halloween.

Otis Day.  That’s right, from Otis Day & The Knights.  Last but not at all least.

So yeah, September 21st.  That’s a formidable day.  Put it this way:  If there’s one bigger, don’t count on me doing another post like this one.  It would only undermine my point.

Take us out, Carlton…

The madness continues:  @jonnyabomb


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