Cult Classics: THE HAPPENING (2008).

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Comedy, Crap, Cult Classics, Horror, Movies (H), Movies I Wasn't So Nice About

I just re-watched M. Night Shyamalan’s neo-classic The Happening, a movie that is increasingly clearly deserving of being considered one of the great unintentional comedies of the last five years.  I don’t like to be too mean about a movie that has a decent environmental message, some obviously genuine sentiment behind it, and a pair of lead actors that I like a whole lot.  But this is one whopping bad movie.  Every single peripheral character seems to have been cast to be as impassive and awkward and bizarre as possible, and the lack of any visible antagonist drives Shyamalan’s typically “deliberate” pacing into a previously uncharted zone of nothing-happening-ness.  Also, there are dummies being thrown off a building.

Take this time, if you will, to revisit what I wrote about Shyamalan’s work and The Happening upon release.  I used to be a fan of the fellow, but at this point I think a person woul’d have to be kind of unbalanced to be.  He’s too talented to be a total lost cause, but if he never makes a good movie again, I hope that at least he gets to make more movies like The Happening.  I laughed.  I’m sorry if it’s mean, but I laughed.  Cheered me up for two whole hours.

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