Cult Classics: THE CABLE GUY (1996).

Posted: March 2, 2011 in Cult Classics, Movies (C)

The Cable Guy is the movie that Jim Carrey made at the height of his explosive mid-1990s fame.  The movie, about a cable-TV installer who becomes fixated on Matthew Broderick’s hapless character, turned out to be way more dark and disturbing than most people were willing to handle.  It wasn’t a huge critical or commercial success, and all of the press focused more on Carrey’s huge paycheck rather than the movie.

However, the movie had a cult following right from the beginning, and I know this because I was in on it — saw The Cable Guy the summer it came out, thought it was hilarious, still do.  What’s less well-publicized about the movie was that it was directed (excellently) by a guy called Ben Stiller, had a (brilliant) extended cameo from a guy called Owen Wilson, and produced by a guy, barely even thirty, called Judd Apatow.

The always-great AV Club did a typically-great interview with Judd Apatow for this week’s 15-year-anniversary (yikes!) release of The Cable Guy on Blu-Ray.  [Read it here!]

The movie is worth re-visiting, not just because of its importance in the recent history of film comedy, but also because it still holds up with plenty of laughs.  I can prove it, too.

And now, Medieval Times:


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