Screening in NYC: BLACK DEVIL DOLL (2007).

Posted: April 1, 2011 in Awfulness, Crap, Movies (B), Movies I Wasn't So Nice About, Puppets, Screenings


Black Devil Doll is screening here in New York City, presumably for April Fool’s weekend, at Landmark’s Sunshine Cinema.  The screenings are midnight showings, which gives you plenty of time beforehand to get loaded up on your mind-number of choice.  You’re gonna need it.

I’m not sure how this movie managed to get booked at such a prominent venue.  It’s kind of insane.  The booking, I mean. Even more insane is the fact that I’ve seen Black Devil Doll.  Or maybe that was predictable to everyone but me, and I just don’t realize how far down the rabbit hole I actually am.

Here’s the transcription from my movie journal, back in 2009:

“I like to eat white butt.”

That was the first line of dialogue in this thing, which I am hard pressed to even call a movie.  It’s barely over an hour, but it felt like more than that.  It looks exactly like porn, shot on video with big fake tits in abundance, but not’s not even porn.  It’s just an hour or so of a criminally perverted puppet with a giant afro who stabs dumb girls to death and then has sex with them.  (The actual mechanics of the love-making apparatus is unclear.)

What’s wrong with me that I voluntarily watch this kind of thing?  I guess it’d have been worse if I had enjoyed it… but not much worse.  Who makes this stuff?  Who pays for it?  Who picks it up with the intent to distribute?  Who spends money to see it?  Why didn’t I turn it off after five minutes?  Am I that obsessive-compulsive that I needed to see the entire thing once I started it?  Did I like this movie?  Am I thinking about it way more than the guys who made it?

Some telling psychology there, I guess.  Anyway, I stand by it.  Black Devil Doll really is loosely described as a movie.  It’s amateurish, inept, repetitive even at its brief running time, and frankly, pretty damn racist.  I know from looking at the website (which almost justifies itself by featuring a soundboard) that black guys worked on this movie, but I’m not sure that excuses it.  Of course, this is exactly the kind of notice that anyone who makes a movie called Black Devil Doll would love to get.  But there’s a difference between crass and clever, and just crass.  I may be inclined to see a ridiculous and potentially offensive movie like this one (I think it was the poster that drew me in), but without a single shred of wit, I won’t be able to recommend it.

Still, I have to consider making the screening, if only to get a few of those questions answered.

  1. Turd Eater says:

    You are such a clueless fuck. Black Devil Doll is art.

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