What I Watched: LADY ICE (1974).

Posted: May 29, 2011 in Crime, Movies (L), Pretty Girls, What I Watched


This was an impulse-watch off of my Netflix queue.  I thought seeing this movie might be interesting because it came out no long after The Godfather (actually right around The Godfather Part II) and it has a major supporting role from Robert Duvall.  It’s not totally worthless, but it’s not all that interesting either.  It’s The Tourist of its day.  That’s a little harsh.  Maybe it’s more like Stanley Donen’s Charade, only de-carbonated and watered-down.

Lady Ice stars Donald Sutherland, in one of his bizarrely common romantic lead roles from that period, as a crafty insurance agent on the trail of a beautiful jewel thief, played by Jennifer O’Neill.

Jennifer O’Neill was an actress probably more famous at that time as a fashion model.  I remember her (as the nicely-named Shasta Delaney) from Rio Lobo with John Wayne, and many more film fans probably know her as Kim Obrist from Cronenberg’s Scanners, but most of the country remembers her as the long-term face of Cover Girl.  So says the internet.  That latter acting background is more of what’s on display in Lady Ice — she’s excellent to look at but kind of dull as a career criminal.  Here’s a clip:

That’s about as exciting as it gets.  (I couldn’t even find a trailer — this must not be a fondly-remembered movie by anyone.)  I’m not sorry I checked it out, because the idea of a female criminal mastermind is always more interesting to me than the standard male version, but ultimately, there’s not much here to recommend.

Onward with the queue….




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