Posted: April 20, 2012 in Boats, Movies (J), Screenings, Zombies

If you’ve ever read my ravings about the Congolese neo-noir Viva Riva!, you know how excited I can get when I see a national cinema stretch its wings for the first time.  Juan Of The Dead is Cuba’s first horror movie, which of course is something politically and historically significant.  It also looks like a whole gallon of fun.   I’m guessing that there are nerds out there who’d rain on the parade by criticizing the cue this takes from the UK’s Shaun Of The Dead, but that doesn’t bother me at all and I bet a hundred bucks Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg would agree with me.

There’s plenty of room for another international take on the zombie genre, especially one with such enjoyable details as the harpoon gun, the nunchucks, and the fact that the heroes initially mistake the zombies for vampires and worse, Americans.



If you’re able to mobilize in time, Juan Of The Dead is closing out the Havana Film Festival tonight at the NY Director’s Guild Theater.  If not, stay tuned to the official site for updates.

Thanks to Screen Slate Daily for the heads-up on this great-looking film.  Please visit Screen Slate here and on Twitter.

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