Song Of The Day: CHARLI XCX, “Stay Away.”

Posted: April 25, 2012 in Music

There’s plenty to be said for a good pop song.  It’s not the musical genre that usually resonates deepest with me (Prince aside).  If it’s not hip-hop, classic R&B, or movie scores, I tend to prefer musicians who are or who sound like old souls — Johnny Cash, Springsteen, Sinatra, Iggy Pop, Cat Power, Nina Simone.  Pop music, on the other hand, is the province of the youngest, best enjoyed the less years you’ve racked up on the odometer.

But I don’t know, man, I just like this kid.  Charli XCX is a British songwriter, not even twenty, who makes these songs which, if they aren’t featured in these young adult movie franchises that are so mega-popular now, it’s only a matter of time.  There’s just a hint more darkness and drama in there than we usually get in our party-party-party American pop songs, and a touch more sincerity also.  Maybe she’s hitting the same area of my brain that enjoys so many of Robyn‘s tunes.  Maybe she reminds me in some ways of a young Bjork.  (The New York Times agrees!)  Either way, it’s all good times on the earbud front.

Hate to be that guy who says “This isn’t normally what I listen to” and “American pop music is generally not as interesting” but both of these things are true so consider them said.  But I don’t do guilty pleasures, folks — I like this song and I’m completely guilt-free.


I like her song “Nuclear Seasons” too!  Check it out:

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