Movies Of The Near Future: LAWLESS.

Posted: April 25, 2012 in Guns, Movies (L), Terrence Malick, Trailers.

Wettest County was on my list of 50 most eagerly-awaited movies of the year.  It’s not called that anymore, though.  Now it’s going by the handle Lawless, a much more generic title which sounds a little cooler after knowing it was generously bestowed upon the movie by none other than Terrence Malick.  Whatever it’s called, it’s a John Hillcoat movie, which after The Proposition and The Road, promises good things.  I’m definitely getting a less-artsy, more-mainstream Public Enemies vibe from the new trailer, but that doesn’t strike me personally as a deterrent.

Check out the trailer, it made Lawless travel that much higher on my want-to-see-now meter:

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