Here Are A Ton Of Pictures Of Bill Murray With Tilda Swinton.

Posted: May 30, 2012 in Awesomeness, Bill Murray, Tributes

broken flowers




Hey, there’s Bob Balaban!

I don’t exactly know why I did this, so don’t even ask.  Mostly it’s because, as you probably already have seen, I’m a tremendous fan of Bill Murray, and I noticed how he happens to look particularly happy when being photographed with Tilda Swinton.

Why is that?  Beats me.  Why does peanut butter taste good with jelly?  I mean, they’ve been in a couple Jim Jarmusch movies together (Broken Flowers and The Limits Of Control), so they’re probably friends.  It could also be the glow of two completely unique artists basking in each others’ orbit.  Or maybe they are fellow travellers in the universe, bound by a mutual regard and a rare insight into the secrets behind reality.

For whatever reasons, it’s a winning combination.

Also note:  Most of the pictures I found of Bill Murray with Tilda Swinton were from the Moonrise Kingdom press tour.  A lot of those pictures also have film director Wes Anderson, who kind of resembles Tilda Swinton.  Maybe that’s not a coincidence.

Whatever grand cosmic design brought all of us to this moment together, it is my hope that we can cherish it as the philosophical zenith it clearly is, however fleeting it may be.  Viva Nepal!

DISCLAIMER:  All of the pictures came out of a Google Images search.  If they’re yours and you don’t want them to be here, let me know and I’ll comply.  This site, and this posting in particular, are all a matter of love.

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  1. The title card photo clearly does not have Bill Murray in the photo. I demand my money back

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