This beautiful portrait was taken by @SethKushner.

Hollywood legend Ernest Borgnine passed away Sunday, July 8th, 2012.  He was 95, which is not young.  But anyone who suggests that his age makes the loss much easier would be mistaken.  There are people who are irreplaceable, and this was most certainly one.  Ernest Borgnine, or Ernie to his fans, had more than sixty years in the movie business — just think of how many stories he must have had left to relay.  Though he gave plenty of great interviews over the years, that probably was only a fraction.  With Ernest Borgnine goes a unique and eternally ingratiating talent, and a pivotal bridge that spans Old Hollywood, New Hollywood, and the modern age we’re currently living in.  For this post I’ve collected a ton of pictures and posters of the many movies I’ve seen Ernest Borgnine in.  I will touch on most of these movies (and maybe more) in the longer appreciative piece I am working on, but in the meantime, please enjoy these movie memories of a true original.

Check out this great interview also.

Find Ernie in the southwestern hemisphere.


  1. TheBruce says:

    Fantastic actor. I think the first film I ever saw him in was THE WILD BUNCH, which was spectacular. But oddly enough, it was ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK and his role as Cabbie that made me a true fan of his. Amazing for a guy to continue to work well into his 90s. Every time one of the greats passes, I can’t help but think of today’s Hollywood and wonder who’s replacing them, and it depresses me.

  2. Ryan McNeely says:

    R.I.P. Dirty Lyle.

  3. jason P. says:

    Jonnyabomb – Looking forward to the longer tribute. Question. For someone like me, whose only real exposure to Ernest Borgnine has been “Airwolf”, what are the three movies I should watch first to experience the essence of this accomplished legend?

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