Now on @DailyGrindhouse: PREMIUM RUSH (2012).

Posted: September 7, 2012 in Action., Movies (P), New York, Pretty Girls

I feel like there’s a strong overlap between the brilliant, beautiful people who follow me here and the gleefully maniacal geniuses who’ve encountered my work over at — which is already a straight-up blast of a website whether I’m writing for them or not, by the way.  But just in case my Demon’s Resume readership missed my piece on the recent, super-fun B-Movie PREMIUM RUSH on Daily Grindhouse, I’d like to post up the link —


And below, you will find a delicious onslaught of photographs of PREMIUM RUSH‘s lovely lady-lead, Dania Ramirez, for two reasons:  One, because it’s fun for me, and two, (full disclosure), I’m not famous yet so a large fraction of my page views still come from search engines, and pictures of pretty girls are still the best way to grab for online eyeballs.  You do what you can, until you don’t have to anymore.  As long as I know I’m busting my ass to provide readable content, I can live with myself.

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