Now on @DailyGrindhouse: DREDD 3D (2012).

Posted: September 25, 2012 in Action., Comics, Crime, Explosions, Guns, John Carpenter, Megaviolence, Motorcycles, Movies (D), Movies (J), Now on @DailyGrindhouse, Sci-Fi, World Cinema

Short and blunt:

My DREDD review. On Daily Grindhouse.

Get there.  ‘Like’ it.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Judge Dredd by John McCrea

Judge Dredd by Steve Dillon

Judge Dredd by Brian Bolland

Another by Brian Bolland

Judge Dredd by Carlos Ezquerra


  1. That was fun read and a good review. Thanks for motivating me to see it, Jon.

  2. Damn typos. … Did you ever read Judgement on Gotham by Alan Grant and Simon Bisley, Jon? Flipping through it again now after all these years and reading Anderson and Dredd’s exchanges put a smile on face.

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