Song Of The Week: AUTRE NE VEUT, “Play By Play.”

Posted: February 6, 2013 in Music

Play By Play


Trust me on this one. Go to the song first, then read my words if you need.

The band is called Autre Ne Veut. I don’t know what that means, and I haven’t decided yet if I want to look it up. Having done some digging since I first heard this song, I found out that this act previously released an EP with an album cover depicting an extreme close-up of a very intimate area of the female anatomy. I’m not personally objecting in any way; I’m only trying to keep some degree of mystery in the relationship.

Autre Ne Veut is one guy, named Arthur Ashin, from Brooklyn, and somehow all by himself with this song he created a straight-up pop epic. (I’ve heard some of his others since, and they’re all equally compelling.) It’s like the musical energy of Peter Gabriel, Aphex Twin, and Appolonia 6 collided somewhere up in the stratosphere, and all the fallout raining down is sex vibes and strobed-out sunshine. “Play By Play” sounds like Saturday night fucking Sunday morning; it sounds like the darting swooniness of your high school years, the rolling weirdness of your college years, and the dark drama of your twenties, all at the same time. It’d score a hell of a movie scene, but most movies have a long way to go to earn a song this distinctive. It sounds new, but new in an agreeably familiar way.

I like it.


Official band site:

Me on Twitter: @jonnyabomb


Autre Ne Veut


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