The Books For Crooks Podcast on: TAMPA by @AlissaNutting.

Posted: February 5, 2014 in Books



Again, here I am catching up. This past month I got to choose the book for our book club podcast, so I chose the controversial TAMPA from 2013, the first novel by the indisputably gifted Alissa Nutting.

This is the summary from the author’s website:

In Alissa Nutting’s novel TAMPA, Celeste Price, a smoldering 26-year-old middle-school teacher in Florida, unrepentantly recounts her elaborate and sociopathically determined seduction of a 14-year-old student.

The subject matter couldn’t be more timely. Taking it on from the perspective of the perpetrator is remarkably bold, in my opinion. There are so many places to balk or to err, but this is a story told with determination, masterfully rendered and brilliantly uncomfortable. This book really needs to get under the skin to do what I think it’s intended to do, and boy, does the point get made. On the podcast you will hear me rave and rave and rave and rave. (By the way, sorry about my voice.)

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If you’ve already heard our take and you’d like to know more, here are a few links I compiled while reading about the novel:

Here’s a short review of TAMPA from the New York Times.

Three blogs relating to the topic of anxiety which Alissa Nutting wrote for the Times.

Alissa Nutting in conversation with fellow writer Lindsay Hunter.

A thorough interview with Alissa Nutting about the book with the Daily Beast.

A quick piece in the Guardian mentioning how the book was banned in Australia. (!)

TAMPA is an uneasy read, but a valuable document of a modern moment, a necessary moral corrective, and a prickly piece of impeccably-crafted art. This is an author whose next book should be eagerly anticipated by everyone who appreciates challenging subject matter and good storytelling.


Alissa Nutting






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