Bill Murray Sightings Of The Week: All Over TV.

Posted: February 9, 2014 in Bill Murray, TV



One thing about Bill Murray, he’s a loyal friend. That is so obviously true that just in writing about Bill Murray movies, I’ve mentioned it twice at least. Here and here. If you’re lucky enough to get Bill Murray in your movie, he will go all-out to help promote it. And if you happen to be George Clooney, this truism kicks up onto another plateau. Apparently, Bill Murray is so dedicated to THE MONUMENTS MEN that he even got onto the internet for what may easily be the first time ever to talk about it. And he’s been on TV a ton in the past ten days, not always overtly to promote the movie. Maybe it has to do with the twenty-year anniversary of the release of GROUNDHOG DAY. (Technically, Wednesday.) Or maybe he’s just getting comfortable there.


Here’s a handful of the Bill Murray appearances so far this month:


Bill Murray making a memorable entrance, as usual, for David Letterman:



Bill Murray with the cast of THE MONUMENTS MEN on Jimmy Kimmel’s show (by the way this happened Thursday night — bet you five bucks Kimmel did this for bigger ratings as an F-you  to Leno):



Bill Murray at the Super Bowl:



Bill Murray talking to Charlie Rose about CADDYSHACK:



That full interview:



Bill Murray talking to a fine-ass sports reporter:





I’m sure there are plenty more, but what am I, his press agent?





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