On The Daily Grindhouse Podcast: GHOSTHOUSE!

Posted: February 16, 2014 in Ghosts, Movies (G), Podcasts, Skeletons.



GHOSTHOUSE is pretty far from a classic, but at least it inspired what I’d argue is our funniest podcast yet. Umberto Lenzi, aka Humphrey Humbert as he calls himself on this poster anyway, is an Italian exploitation filmmaker who made a bunch of gory zombie and cannibal movies. This is his take on the haunted-house genre, from 1988, which is not generally considered to have been Lenzi’s prime, if indeed such an era existed. GHOSTHOUSE has some of the stupidest and most irritating human characters you’ll meet in any horror movie anywhere, but their stupidity and obnoxiousness is nothing compared to little Henrietta and her evil clown puppet.




Yes, absolutely, the evil clown puppet goes on a rampage, but it’s not remotely as cool as it sounds.





To be fair, a spooky hooded skeleton shows up near the end, but it’s way too little and too late to redeem this dungheap:



Basically, you’ll hear the three of us talking about everything we can before getting down to the movie — including the work of Nicolas Cage — but once we do, it’s hard to tell which aspect of the movie tormented us most: the anti-urgent pace, the butcher-block editing, the horrific acting, the complete lack of scares, or most likely, the cruel, cruel, torturous score. Oh God. It still rings in my skull.

Here’s the movie, if you think you have the constitution for it, but be forewarned, many stronger warriors have crumbled before its awful might:

And now here’s us talking about it — hear us reeling from the agony it induces!:


[Click here to listen and download!]

Once you’re done with that, it’s never too late to check out our previous efforts:




Vigilante Force



The new episode drops this Tuesday, so stay tuned!



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