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Full disclosure time.  I think a person’s home movie collection says plenty about their interests as a moviegoer.  Since I talk about movies all the time, I imagine this would be relevant evidence.  Here’s what is on my shelf at home so far…

151773_front 12 Monkeys (1995) 2 guns 21 Jump Street (2012)  25th hour  4Got10 (2015) alltheboyslovemandylane americanmary an american werewolf in london  anchorman ANDROID COP (2014) 81542_large Army of Darkness (1992) 148306_large Assassin15BR  ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13  TheAvengers Age of Ultron (2015) Barquero (1970) Battle-of-the-Damned BattleRoyale   BeingJohnMalkovich 102857_large biggundown   blackhat  Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw (1976)  Branded to Kill (1967) The Bride of Frankenstein (1935)  Bronson (2008) brood bullet Bullet To The Head (2012)  calvary    Cat in the Brain 128684_large CHEAP THRILLS (2013) childrenofmen Citadel cloudatlas Coffy (1973) Cold in July (2014)  Creature From The Black Lagoon (1954)   CurseOfChucky Dark Angel (1990) Dawn Of The Dead (1978) dawnoftheplanetoftheapes Day of Anger (1967) deadly eyes dearwhitepeople Death Spa (1989) demons2    Django djangokill DjangoUnchained Don't Go In the Woods Doomsday (2008)  Do The Right Thing Dr. Strangelove Dracula Drácula [Version in Spanish] (1931) dredd Dressed to Kill (1980)   thedrop drugwar drum1976 Edwood Escape from the Bronx (1983)    Executive Decision Ex3000  faceoff Face to Face (1967)   firestorm Fisher King  Flesh + Blood (1985) The Fog (1980) Foxy Brown [Blu-ray] FRANKENHOOKER Frankenstein (1931) friendsofeddiecoyle  127162_large  ghoulies  godzilla2014 gonegirl   Goodfellas (1990) grandduelkeoma  Grindhouse (2007)   81we3ca412l-_sl1500_ halloweenHannie Caulder The Harvest (2013)   Spike-Lee-Joint-Collection-1 he got game Here Comes the Devil (2012)  The Honeymoon Killers (1969) 120560_large TheImaginariumOfDoctorParnassus    insider Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion (1970) The Invisible Man (1933)  Jackie Brown  johndiesattheend johnwick John Wick Chapter 2 JOURNEY TO THE WEST: CONQUERING THE DEMONS (2013) judex KillerJoe The Killers  Killing Them Softly (2012) KingOfComedy Killer Workout (1987)   knightriders  The Complete Lady Snowblood (1973-1974) The Last Circus (2010)  longweekend  madman madmax Mad Max. Fury Road (2015)  Manhunter MANIAC COP 2 Man, Pride and Vengeance manos TheMaster medium cool Mercenaries miami blues Miami Connection (1987)   monkey shines MS. 45 (1981) mud Mulholland Drive (2001) Multiple Maniacs The Mummy (1932) mydarlingclementine 156397_large nice_guys Night of the Comet (1984) nightofthecreeps ninja3 Ninja Busters (1984)     onlygodforgives    PACIFIC RIM (2013)  Phantom of the Opera (1943) Phenomena 74133_large  158521_large  Prince of Darkness (1987) professionals  42653_large  Q. raidredemption  104453_large reanimator repoman riot in cell block 11 Rise_of_the_Planet_of_the_Apes_2011 Roar (1981)  rustandbone Sam Whiskey 111066_large Scanners Blu-Ray seaoflove selma    shallowgrave Shark Lake (Blu-ray) Sharky'sMachine 143738_large  theshooting slaughter blu-ray  smashed  Smokin' Aces SORCERER (1977) spellbinder spring stagefright  128698_large Street Trash (1987) sugarhill Spike-Lee-collection-vol-2 tangoandcash  tenebrae-blu-ray-03 The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) ThereWillBeBlood TheyLive THIEF  141245_large To Live And Die In L.A. (1985) TopFive Trainspotting T2 Trainspotting trance   Universal Classic Monsters. The Essential Collection (1931-1954) universalsoldier   Vice Principals awalkamongthetombstones werewolfwoman What We Do in the Shadows whitebuffalo    The Wolf Man (1941)  Wolf Warrior (2015) zodiac

Feel free to judge!

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I’m watching Collateral right now.  One of my favorites.  Here’s what I wrote about it at the end of last year, when I put up my list of favorite movies of the past decade (it followed Punch-Drunk Love)…

This is another movie that captures Los Angeles the way I’ve experienced it throughout the past ten years, only now we’ve gone over the hill and deep into downtown.  Michael Mann is every bit the equal of PTA when it comes to conjuring up atmosphere, mood, and a sense of place, and in Collateral he’s working with a killer high-concept to carry us through.  Mann also sees uncommon things in familiar  actors – Jamie Foxx plays the introverted cabdriver, adrift in life, who one night gets a course-changing fare in Vincent, an ice-cold contract killer played brilliantly by Tom Cruise.  Yes, I said brilliantly, and I also said iconic.  Vincent is the culmination of intense, work-fixated Mann characters from Thief to Manhunter to Heat, distilled into most existentially dire form.  Vincent has no purpose in life other than his job, and his job is killing.  How do you fight that?  How does Jamie Foxx fight that?  I love how Collateral resolves that question dramatically, among so many other things I love about it – brilliant soundtrack, peerless LA night photography by Dion Beebe, an unbelievable stable of character actors including Bruce McGill, Barry Shabaka Henley, Mark Ruffalo, and Javier Bardem (even scarier than in No Country For Old Men).  A new-crime classic.