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Bill Murray did an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on the user-created site Reddit tonight: Here’s the link. 

As with many things Bill Murray these days, the first question would be: Can that actually be Bill Murray? On Reddit, the questions and answers appear in real time, but without pictures or videos. Unless the answers were hand-written by Bill Murray (assuming we had any idea what Bill Murray’s handwriting looks like), eager skepticism is a fair response. BUT IT’S REAL! He did it to help promote THE MONUMENTS MEN, the new movie co-written, directed by, and starring George Clooney. But he answered questions about a wide range of topics. A lot of it is well-traveled ground — we Bill Murray fans as a whole need to get a little more original with our line of questioning — but again, it’s real, so it’s good.

I’m going through it now so I’ll highlight the best stuff and update this post later on, but for now I think it’s enough to direct you to the source.

Bill Murray