Now on @DailyGrindhouse: HANNIE CAULDER (1971).

Posted: June 14, 2012 in Boobs, Movies (H), Pretty Girls, Raquel Welch, Westerns

Some cultures find other proportions more flattering.

Robert Culp as Price and Raquel Welch as Hannie.

Jack Elam as Frank, Ernest Borgnine as Emmett, and Strother Martin as Rufus.

Happy to announce that a piece I wrote on the Raquel Welch movie Hannie Caulder is currently featured on the awesome cult-film website Daily GrindhouseHannie Caulder is one of the very few Westerns of any kind to feature a shit-kicking female hero on an Eastwood-style revenge tear, and for that reason I’d argue it’s ripe for rediscovery.

Learn something!  Ogle pictures of Raquel Welch!   Whichever reason you choose, please take a look!

>>>Hannie Caulder (1971)<<<

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